Bioblend API provides wrong "user id"


I am trying to modify users’ access permissions to Data Libraries via API, using “set_library_permissions()” with the user ids that I have previously retrieved via “show_user()” or “get_users()”.

The problem: the access permissions are given to “wrong” users.

As an example: “show_user()” informs me that user “” has the user_id “a112”; I then run “set_library_permissions(library_id=“X”,access_in=‘a112’)”, expecting user “” to have gained “access privileges” to library “X”. However, when I login to this Galaxy as an admin, I realize that user “” has gained these privileges.

I’ve tried this out for all 30 of our users, and all of the assignments were mismatched - with the exception of the admin user (myself).

I have gone into our Galaxy PostgreSQL database, with the hope of finding a table that shows the association between “user id” and “user name” (or “user email address”). However, I have not found the “user id” in any table (only name & email).

The situation is not desperate: from going through all users I know the relations “” → “expected user id ‘a112’” → " real user ‘’" for all “user ids”. However, it’s still unsatisfactory and any help / hints would be greatly appreciated!