Can't upload data because it exceeds 2GB

I want to upload two datasets of 4.6 and 4.8 GB, but everytime I try and start the upolading, there’s a message under the “Status” of the upload saying “Warning : File exceeds 2GB. Please use a FTP client.” (I do not know what is a “FTP client”).

It’s kind of weird because it’s not the first time I upload data exceeding 2GB, and this never happened before. I know it’s not because of the space on my account, because I’m only using 23% of the quota.

Do you guys know what I can do ?

Thank you very much!

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On which galaxy server are you working, a public one?

And check out this page for some instructions:

Or here (you need scroll down a bit):

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I’m working on Galaxy Europe… Is that what you mean by “galaxy server” ? I’m so sorry, I’m really bad with computer…

That is no problem, no worries. Yes that is what I mean. Here you can find some ftp credentials Galaxy Europe | FTP Configuration

It worked ! Thank you very much :slight_smile: !!

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