change fastq identifier

Hi, I have some NGS data for a study on microbes but my samples do not match the fastq sample identifier. They are all mixed up and I need to swap them so they match up to my actual samples.

Is there a way to actually do this?

best wishes

Hi @Martyn

I’m not sure I understand. Do you need to change fastq identifiers or do you want to rename data labels inside a collection or something else? The first two can be done but use different tools/methods.

Please post an short example of what you have now and describe how you want that modified. Thanks!

Hi Jennaj, I am using qiime2 to go through the bioinformatics process. To use Qiime2 I have meta data but i would like it if the sample ids matched what the samples are. Here is a picture:


I don’t know if it really even matters as long as people can see what the sample actually is for. Here these barcodes should be for moss not baregrass that they are assigned too.

Let me know if you have other questions

Ah, ok, it sounds like you are not working in Galaxy if using qiime2.

The best place to ask for help would be here instead:

Galaxy can manipulate all kind of data with replace/regex text manipulation tools (unix utilities in the GUI) but the risk of making a change that could impact your analysis seems high. Get advice from the qiime2 community first. They may recommend a unix utility if the change is Ok at whatever step you are in the analysis, and you could probably run that same utility in Galaxy if you don’t want to do it line-command for some reason. A tool search usually finds common utilities, and this tutorial covers a bunch of standard manipulations with examples using exact tool names:

BUT check that this won’t impact your other data files first :slight_smile: