Comparing expression of DEG gene in samples

Hi, I got the DEG table with the limma package in R, I searched for the SNAI1 gene in the DEG table and now I want to compare my gene expression in the samples. I want to know in which samples SNAI1 is up-regulated and in which samples it is reduced. How can I do that? With what code? Does anyone know about this ? Thanks in advance

    dge <- DGEList(rawdata)
    keep <- filterByExpr(dge, design = design)
    keep2 <- data.frame(keep)
    filt <- dge[keep, ,keep.lib.size = F]
    norm <- calcNormFactors(filt, method = "TMM")
    v <- voom(norm, design = design, plot = T)
    E <- v$E
    ex <- 2^E
    Ex <- log2(ex + 1) 

    fit <- lmFit(Ex, design = design)
    contrast <- makeContrasts(cancer-normal, levels = design)
    fit2 <- = fit,contrasts = contrast)
    fit2 <- eBayes(fit = fit2)
    diff <- topTable(fit = fit2, number = Inf, = "P" )

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