Delete user account

I create several test accounts on the Galaxy server thinking I could easily remove them later. But now I’m not finding a way to delete these accounts from the Galaxy UI. Tried searching this list and docs but not finding anything.
Do I have to do this through the PostgreSQL database and remove from the galaxy_user table?

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Hi @cjkeist

One way to do this is to log into each account in the UI and delete them under User > Preferences > Delete account. The accounts will still be in the database but won’t be accessible in the UI for regular non-admin users.

If you enabled GDPR compliance, the registered email addresses/usernames will be changed (once deleted) to anonymous placeholder keys. The passwords are already encrypted (for any account state). Database logs can also be adjusted.

More details here: GDPR Compliance — Galaxy Project 20.09 documentation

Hope that helps!

Thank you for the link. I did just find now the allow admin to delete user accounts in the galaxy.yml file.

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