Display the full name of labels in LEFse cladogram

Hi, I could not display the full taxon name of the legend labels on left side of graph while drawing the plot cladogram in LEFse analysis. Some of the indicator/legend labels are as follows. How can I do this?


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Hi @Jen

You might need to adjust the display settings. I added a tag to your post that points to much prior Q&A about different ways people have done that in the past. Sometimes the solution involves changing tool settings and sometimes changing something as simple as using a smaller browser font.

Maybe start here then review others? Pictures of lefse on line has incomplete display

Hope that helps!

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Hi @jennaj, Thank you for your kindly reply. Unfortunately, I couldn’t. When drawing the plot of LEFse results, I was displaying the full name of the taxon by entering “-1” in the “Number of label levels to be displayed (-1 means all)” part. However, while drawing the plot cladogram, I could not display the full taxon name of the indicator labels on left side of graph :worried:

You are working at the public Galaxy server in the quoted text below, correct?

They have custom versions of the Lefse tools, so contacting them is the best way to report potential bugs. Or, you can just try a different setting and see what happens. It seems your input choice on the C) Plot LEfSe Results (Galaxy Version 1.0) tool form should be valid as described within the form, but then down in the help section below it is described differently (?). I’m guessing that the second is the correct usage since that seems to match the type of output you are actually getting in the result.

Tool form advanced setting:

Number of label levels to be displayed (-1 means all)

Tool form help section:

Text and label options

  • Number of label levels to be displayed: when dealing with hierarchical features this option sets the level to be displayed in the labels (-1 means the last level only, 1 means the highest level, 2 means the first two levels and so on).

Huttenhower Galaxy server info. You can do both – modify the usage yourself for a quicker result but also report the conflict in the instruction to them. Maybe the usage changed at some point and they missed changing the instructions in both places.

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Thank you @jennaj very much for this information :slightly_smiling_face:

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