Error message when trying to upload for the first time


I am brand new to using Galaxy, I just signed up today. I am trying to upload my data set which should come to about 24GB but I keep getting the following error message

“Execution of this dataset’s job is paused because you were over your disk quota at the time it was ready to run”

I am nowhere near my upload limit so far only about 5GB has uploaded, im not too sure what is going wrong, I have tried logging on and off and pausing and restarting the upload but nothing seems to work. Im not sure if im being a bit dense but any ideas would be appreciated!

Thanks for any help/ suggestions,

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Welcome, @caraughjanealbany!

Sorry to hear you are having problems.

I did recalculate your disk usage at the public Galaxy Main server for the account registered under the same email address as you use here (email addresses are private to administrators only, we won’t post it publically and you don’t need to either). The usage is at about ~ 5.7 GB – clearly under quota (250 GB).

Are you sure this is the public Galaxy server you are loading the data at? There are many public and private Galaxy servers. Check the URL.

Also, while this public server and many others can handle very large data uploads, some cannot. Plus, if the internet connection is slower from your side, sometimes problems can result at any server (timeouts, partial data loads). You might want to try using FTP to load data instead.


This error would be very unexpected for your account at as it is now. If this is actually where you are working, try loading the data again and let us know if you continue to have problems.