error while running pearson correlation between 2 DEGs data set

Hi, I am trying to determine pearson correlation between 2 DEGs data set. I converted files to TAB using text manipulation but when I try to run correlation I am taking error as given below:

An error occurred while running the tool .

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/cvmfs/”, line 9, in
from rpy import *
File “/galaxy/main/deps/rpy/1.0.3/devteam/package_rpy_1_0_3/82170c94ca7c/lib/python/”, line 58, in
File “/galaxy/main/deps/rpy/1.0.3/devteam/package_rpy_1_0_3/82170c94ca7c/lib/python/”, line 99, in get_R_VERSION
" %s'.\n" % rexec ) RuntimeError: Couldn't execute the R interpreter sh: /galaxy/main/linux-x86_64/bin/R: Input/output error/bin/R’.

I have 37 numerical column in both data set and I choosed them.

How should I run this tool?

Dear @esra_esmeray,
Have you tried the tool on or .org?

We are currently investigating if the tool has a problem on Galaxy.

Have a good day and best wishes,