File uploading problem

New Galaxy user, so just getting used to it.
I was trying to upload a FASTQ file of 300Mb, uploaded it using the FTP and everything went smoothly but, the file has been charging for two hours now to the server. It stills with the clock and in grey.
In your experience, it takes so long for large files to be uploaded? should I re-load the charging?
Thank you very much for your help.
Eva Sandoval.

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Welcome, @evasandoval

Few questions:

  1. Did you check that the file was completely loaded during the FTP step before you attempted to move it into the history using the Upload tool? Whatever method you used (ex: client such as Filezilla or lftp line-command) produces statistics or a message confirming a complete/successful transfer.
  2. Are you working at (just to double-check)

300 MB is not that large of a file. And the Upload process to move the dataset into a history should happen quickly.

The server is a bit slow right now, so this could be a problem on our end. More feedback soon. But please confirm the questions if you have time, just to make sure we are working on solving the same problem.

Update: We addressed the slower response times at Your job for the data transfer FTP > Upload > History should have completed by now.

Hi Jennaj,
Thank you for your answer.
I used lftp command and yes, it was uploaded. I am also using
Thank you!