GIEs RStudio Error: Status code 502 returned



Hi, I keep getting Error: Status code 502 returned on my RStudio GIE any idea why this is happening?
I’ve try few different things, restart the session, change the browser none of this help.Thanks in advance for any suggestions, Kate


Do you run this GIE locally? Did it work for you before?


Hi, yes I’ve try to run it on my local instance. GIE work for me before I think is correlated with new package/library installation. Thanks!


what kind of package or library did you update?


FourCSeq - package


502 is a very generic error, we need more details. Do you see anything in any log? What kind of package is ‘FourCSeq’ - did you install it through Galaxy? Why is it relevant to GIE? If you just installed it in the container that shouldn’t cause any issues to Galaxy since it is isolated.