How can I zoom in on an image in the Helper section of Galaxy custom tools?

I wrote a custom tool on our local instance of galaxy.And I want to insert high-resolution images in the Helper section of this tools, where users can click on the images to zoom in, similar to how images are enlarged and shrunk in FancyBox. Can Galaxy achieve this? Thank you.

Hi @istevenshen

Did you get help for this already? I can’t think of a current tool that “pops open” in the help section… did you find one that does that already?

The options I am familiar with either expose the graphics directly, or provide extra context through a link-out to some external site maintained by the tool author.


  1. Planemo for tool development
  2. Development chat room at Matrix

@jennaj Thank you very much for your attention to this issue. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find any tools that can achieve this effect at the moment.