How to transform 23andme and ancestry's data to VCF?

I have sample files from 23andme and Ancestry. I would like to convert those to VCF. I cannot get bcftools to work with this data. I do not understand the difference between the tabular variant input and the samples file input. As reference genome, I use hg19 (is this a problem?). I only have one single file, which is the one these websites provide.

Here are examples of the rows for each kind of file:
Ancestry file (human reference build 37.1)

rsid	chromosome	position	allele1	allele2
rs3131972	1	752721	C	G
rs114525117	1	759036	C	G
rs4040617	1	779322	T	A
rs141175086	1	780397	G	C
rs115093905	1	787173	C	C
rs11240777	1	798959	G	G

23andme file: (human assembly build 37)

rsid	chromosome	position	genotype
rs548049170	1	69869	AA
rs9283150	1	565508	AA
rs116587930	1	727841	GC
rs3131972	1	752721	CG
rs12184325	1	754105	GC
rs12567639	1	756268	TA

Thank you in advance for any guidance on using this tool on Galaxy.