How to upload .tsv files into GALAXY

I am trying to learn GALAXY program. Currently, I have .tsv files that I received from other organization. I am trying to find out how can I upload these .tsv files into GALAXY so I can analyze them further.
Would I have to download all .tsv files and than use UPLOAD option in GALAXY or is there a specific way to upload .tsv files into GALAXY?
Please let me know. Any help is much appreciated.

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Hello @rp1

When using the Upload tool, allow Galaxy to autodetect the datatype. If the wrong datatype is assigned, you can adjust it. But you will need to make sure that the content of the file actually matches the assigned datatype, or expect tool errors.

  • The datatype tsv means “tab separated values”. Galaxy will auto-detect the datatype as “tabular” or a more specific format (example: “bed”) – it depends on the file content. Many common bioinformatics datatypes are columns of data separated by tabs.

  • The datatype csv means “comma separated values”. Galaxy will auto-detect the datatype as “csv”. Some tools will be able to interpret that datatype as “tabular” and others not. But you can convert the “csv” directly to “tabular” with a tool like Convert delimiters to TAB.

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These FAQs will also likely help:

You might always want to review some of the GTN tutorials. Start with those in the Introduction section. All in that topic section should work at any Galaxy server, including Galaxy Main

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@jennaj Thank you for your help. I was able to upload .tsv files into GALAXY. yes, I will try not to double post next time. Thank you once again.

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