HyPhy analysis tools and workflows

Perhaps just the season or some one took a hi Five
it seems the Hi-Phy packages needs an upgrade or rather consolidation for the workflows to be operation shed to be operational for in depth analysis of selection and recombinatorial analyses

The singletons on the Spike still worksand can be invoked but alas for the other categories ( other) it can not be evoked anymore for in depth analysis beyond the spikes


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Hi @Just_VirOmics

The tool suite was updated recently (in November) and it looks like this particular tool didn’t get installed at usegalaxy.eu.

The tool suite is not installed at usegalaxy.org yet but that is planned for this week.

Let’s ask some of the tool authors/admins about it, maybe one will know why. I see some technical differences in the ToolShed (and linked development repository) between this tool and the others, but am not sure which if any are relevant. Ping @gallardoalba @bernt-matthias @bjoern.gruening @dave

Very good Jennifer et al

we resorted to a backup for the GARD on the over at
Observable to keep the momentum up on the strains in emergence
aka omicron peaks
we did trry some other versions from the shed but this one did not compile

Take care
if this
package is updated
ensure you notify posssible users on the issue ITILwise
it is essential to get a hold on this moving target(s)

All the best to you and the team

Great work

hopefully soon the alphadold soon can be run on a true quantum at least for some subroutines that is NP har from down under with a q-ctrl

Do carry on re - use is the hub of the issue

No worries