I cannot log out!

Hi, please help.
I cannot log out from usegalaxy.org.
The reason I want to logout is I installed galaxy local. I want to install tools and need to log in local galaxy. However. I was told either username or password is wrong. I suspect it caused by confliction with web galaxy logged in. I do not if it is the real reason. But, I want to try out.

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Hi -

We saw a logout problem earlier on a different but related server to Galaxy Main https://usegalaxy.org. I forced logout by removing the cookie from my browser. But if this is happening for others at the public site, this should be looked into more. I’ll follow up with the developers and write back about that.

However for your case, you do not need to log out of any public site in order to log into your own local Galaxy. Accounts are distinct between Galaxy servers (including local installs).

So – it sounds like you still need to create an account in your local Galaxy. Please try that. You can use a different email/password in your local – and the email doesn’t even need to be valid (just formatted correctly, example: admin@admin.com – IF this local is private/for your own personal use and won’t be hosted publically/online.

Once you create your account, you’ll want to become an administrator to add tools, etc. Use the same email address in the configuration file as in your local’s web account. Process goes something like this:

  1. Start up Galaxy for the first time (line-command).
  2. Go to the web hosted browser for your instance. This is noted at the end of the startup log, with the default URL being: http://localhost:8080
  3. Create a new web account in your instance.
  4. Shut down Galaxy and configure the admin settings (line-command).
  5. Start Galaxy back up (line-command), log into your account (web), and you’ll see the “Admin” menu in the revised masthead at the top.

FAQ: http://getgalaxy.org

The problem with logging out has been confirmed. We are working on a fix. If ticketed, I’ll share that back.

Meanwhile, for others that need to fully log out (using a public or shared computer), review and delete the usegalaxy.org cookie in your web browser preferences. How-to can differ by which web browser you are using. Google something like “delete individual cookies” to find out.

Update: Account “logout” functionality at Galaxy Main https://usegalaxy.org has been restored.