I can't register on the site -- Registration function resolved at UseGalaxy.org (22.05 pre-release)

gives an error message: Uncaught exception in exposed API method

Hi @stanislove

What is the server URL?



The account registration in function has been restored at UseGalaxy.org.

For everyone reading, please see the banner on the server and let us know about any other odd behavior.

Galaxy has recently been updated to a pre-release of the next Galaxy stable release (22.05), and you might encounter problems as we iron out the wrinkles. Please report any issues you encounter using the bug icon on error (red) datasets, or email galaxy-bugs.


Have you tried again yet? If not, please do.

The server was undergoing maintenance and was just updated again later today to the 22.05 pre-release. This function is working from tests.

If you have more problems, please explain a bit more about your situation.

Correction – registration is failing with this error at UseGalaxy.org. We are looking into the issue. Updates will post back here.

For now, you can work at UseGalaxy.eu and/or UseGalaxy.org.au. Having one account at each public server is common and grants access to distinct resources.


Yes, these addresses work. Thanks a lot!

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