Install CryptoGenotyper

Dear admins, I have a small request. Could you please install a new tool Cryptogenotyper on as many public Galaxy instances as possible? The tool was recently released at the ToolShed repository? Specifically, under the tool id: cryptogenotyper; owner: nml ( This is a tool developped by National Microbiogy Lab Canada Rebecca Guy lab. We want to make this tool more available/accessible to make parasite detection and typing more accessible. Thank you very much for cooperation and help as there are not many tools in this domain.

Tools generally do not spread from top to bottom, they are installed because users request them. I suggest spreading the word - write a blog, make a training material (, etc. with this tool being helpful to spark more interest in it.

@kbessonov1984 I added some comments to your tool definition. Just small things like single- vs. double quotes that have some security implications.

@bjoern.gruening thank you very much for the edits and suggestions. I had implemented them to make tool more robust and reliable. Will release then an updated package on the ToolShed (1.0+galaxy0).
I hope there will be interest in the tool so it will make it to a public Galaxy

@marten How can I contribute to that training resource? It looks like it is hosted on a GitHub. Could you provide information on how to publish a guide on such a resource?

Training material for writing training materials is part of the materials: