Interactive environments (Rstudio, Jupyter): Issue at Nov 4 2021 status "pending fix"

Hi @jennaj
I’ve tried to launch RStudio following the directions found here. However, at first the job wouldn’t run at all - stayed gray for over 24h. When I deleted that and ran “execute” again, it says the tool is active but when I click to go into it, the new window never loads and I get a “404” error. Any idea what’s going on here? I’m using the main usegalaxy.


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We found a technical configuration problem with how interactive environments are running at yesterday and the fix is pending. You don’t need to wait for that – instead, please try running at Details are explained in the ticket here.

How IEs work in Galaxy could use some improvements (any server). I ticketed that yesterday here. The usage improvements are unrelated to the problem above but these are some extra tips that will help:

  1. You might need to have just one IE running/active at a time. The quota at is one active per account. Meaning, if one is already active, subsequent attempts to launch will stay in the grey/queued state. At least three are Ok at right now. Part of the enhancement is to clarify the current active IE quota per server at any particular time (admins can adjust that based on available resources).
  2. After you are completely done working within a particular IE, stopping an IE under User > Active InteractiveTools may not be enough to fully remove it from an account’s IE quota. Go back to the original history and permanently delete (purge) the dataset associated with the IE to fully clear it.
  3. Make sure to save your work with the gx commands, or content will be lost when an IE is stopped. It is also a good idea to save the latest work after a session as a backup, even when the IE is still active. IEs do not automatically save work back to your history. The GTN tutorials and help on the IE tool forms cover what those three special Galaxy commands do.

Apologies for the current problems but hopefully this helps