Job execution error (Tool executes too early)


I am developing galaxy tools, and constructed a workflow to chain them together. The problem I am encountering comes from one of the tools executing before a previous tool finishes to run.

Attached are two images. One with the workflow where circled in red (RP Selenzyme) is the tool that executes too early (before RP Thermodynamics finishes). The second image is the side panel showing that the tool RP Selenzyme returns an error due to an empty input since it executes earlier than it should.

Any help would be very welcomed. Do not hesitate to ask me for any logs. I tried this on the Galaxy 19.05 and 20.01 releases and the same error occurs.
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Without the tools and workflow we can’t help you there, but keep in mind that parallel execution may be misleading here, the first job whose inputs are ready to run will run. In your history I see multiple parallel executions, so it is not clear to me that the input wasn’t already finished and failed for another reason.

Thanks a lot for your response.

Misinterpretation of parallel runs is exactly my problem!

The tool circled in red is run in parallel to the other first tools to run when it should not. The “RP Selenzyme” tool requires two inputs, “RP Thermodynamics” and the underlined input. However, you can see from the first image that “RP Thermodynamics” is in grey, indicating that it has not finished and yet “RP Selenzyme” executes.

If there a way for me to manually specify when to execute a tool in a workflow you think?

No, I think the input dataset to the failed job is hidden and completed correctly. You can see the hidden datasets by clicking on “59 hidden”. You can also see more information if you click on the failed dataset and then the i symbol. The input dataset numbers will be listed there, and they will probably not correspond to any grey dataset.

Thanks for suggesting the debug.

Please find attached the screenshot from the information tag of the failed tool. Unfortunately, the dataset is not hidden, corresponds to the right tool and as I described before fires before the previous dataset is generated (run number 352 that us still grayed out).

Can you share tools and workflows somewhere ?

As of now I cannot share the tools nor the workflow. I’ll ask my collaborators if we can share our Galaxy test server temporarily with you.

Thanks a lot for helping, I’ll get back to you.

No, that will not help, I’ll try and see if I can reproduce this.


The problem persists. You are welcomed to go on the projects galaxy and create an account to inspect the problem:
Here are two workflows, one that work fine (rpranker-2) and another that contains the bug that I mentioned (rprankerdebug):

To run the workflow import the E.Coli model in the “shared data” space and fill the required input with:

  • GEM SBML: E.Coli
  • Target InChI: InChI=1S/C6H6O4/c7-5(8)3-1-2-4-6(9)10/h1-4H,(H,7,8)(H,9,10)/p-2/b3-1-,4-2-
  • Maximal Pathway Length: 3

Essentially the rpSelenzyme tool is the culprit and the only difference between the two workflows is an additional input to that tool. Please let me know if you want me to post logs or anything.


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I see, the text input is short-circuiting the inputs ready check.

So connecting a text parameter to a select is a new feature in 20.01, this won’t work on 19.09. Then there is the issue that I think there are 2 parameters called input in RpSelenzyme. Can you try changing the one Taxonomy JSON input to a different name and rebuild and re-run the workflow ?


That was it! The naming convention of the Galaxy tool wrapper seems to have confused the execution of the workflow. Thanks a million!


Hey @Melclic1 : Can you tell me if the tools in question contain sections? @mvdbeek guessed that this might solve this – but so far this PR should only affect sections.

It did at the time of writing.

Actually it was a conditional, but that should be the same problem.

Ahh. Now I see. The API test (and the code) for the case of conditionals seems wrong … one “second”.