Job failed for 'MEGAN: meganize a DIAMOND file'


I was using the tool ‘MEGAN: meganize a DIAMOND file’ on my 2 DIAMOND files on Galazy Europe. The jobs were running for a week. One of the jobs failed today. However, I am unsure why it failed. One of the reasons could be that the database was unspecified for the job. When I submitted the job, I was not asked to specify the database. However, now that I look at the available database options, I do not find one that I am supposed to used for the meganization (

Does anyone know if that is why the job failed? If yes, how can I specify this particular database given that it is not one of the options that galaxy is showing? Even if I upload the database file to galaxy, I don’t think I ask galaxy to use that file as the database.

Is there an alternative? What can else can I do?