Job status-- pink/orange color? And long queue time?: Dataset status: grey = queued, yellow/peach = executing, green = completed, red = error


I’m a beginner user here and went through some patchy starts with aligning my RNA-seq reads through RNA STAR. I know you’re not supposed to delete/re-run jobs a bunch of times, but I didn’t realize that until I had done so a few times… I’ve finally been letting the jobs queue, but rather than the yellow color indicating a running job, my first three datasets seem to have a pink/orange color and I’m not sure what that means. Additionally, they’ve been that way for almost 24 hours, so not sure if that’s normal either.

Have I just messed things up for myself by deleting and re-running jobs? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


If a job turned red it means that an error occurred. If you click the text of the red “block” the block will expand and some additional buttons appear. If you click the bug icon you may see the error.

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Thanks! I think was being overly cautious/slightly color blind… that color was most likely yellow because those jobs have since finished. I think I just need to be patient!

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If a job is still running you will also see a “running” animation. (A circle of dots spinning). If you click the text of the running job you will see the text “This job is currently running” appear.