jobs waiting to run in RNA STAR

I have several jobs waiting to run in RNA STAR for already days. Is there any trouble with this tool?


Hi @mjbarrero,
could you confirm me that you are using the server?


Yes, I am using

I seem to have the same problem but with other tools. My data is stalled in Trimmomatic, BWA and Bowtie2 tools (the input data is not connected, I do mapping on other files than those subjected to teimming in Trimommatic).
I use and it is an entire day already. I understand there is some server overload (?) but i just wanted to know if there is any info available, about the duration of the problems, as I need the output of this analysis ASAP.

There were some delays in handling larger jobs in the past 12 hours or so, but everything should be moving now. Sorry for the trouble - if your jobs still have not started, please post your username, or if you prefer to keep it private, email to, and I can check the state of your jobs.

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