Long queue times at UseGalaxy.org 9/27/2021: Please allow jobs to stay queued for fastest processing

I have been trying to use the Roary tool and my current job submission has been waiting to start since Friday: Created Friday Sep 24th 5:36:52 2021 UTC

The dataset includes about 8 microbial genomes so I understand that it is likely a computationally-challenging task and their are waits for resources available, so if the solution is just to wait longer I understand, but would just like to know that my job isn’t lost in the queue or stalled out for lack of a better phrase.

I had a previous run on a comparable dataset that started shortly after submission and failed, so I’m not sure why this one is taking so long to start.

Thank you for your assistance.

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Update: This was confirmed to be a server-side issue that is now resolved. There is a backlog of jobs to process. Leaving jobs in the queue is recommended. Deleting existing jobs and rerunning will place jobs back at the end of the queue, extending wait time.

If a job fails, try a rerun. The banner at the server has more details.

Hi @jmgreenberg

The UseGalaxy.org server is very busy.

The best strategy is to leave queued jobs queued. They will process as resources become available.

If that advice changes, we’ll post updates back to this thread.

Thanks for reporting the delay!