multibamsummary binsize jump

Hi all,
I am using multibamsummary to convert bam files to bedgraph file. I have defined bin size as 100 but there is a lot of jumps in bedgraph file. Here is my code:
multiBamSummary bins --binSize 100 --bamfiles file1.bam file2.bam --samFlagExclude 16
For instance I see:
chr1 0 100 0
chr1 100 200 0

chr1 254900 255000 0
chr1 255095 255195 0

As you see it doesn’t show the counts for region from 255000 to 255100 and suddenly jumps to 255095. This happens a lot and doesn’t obey the logic that I need for further investigations. Is there any way to remove this bug?