MultiQC fails to load plots

I am trying to run the “Unicycler Assembly” tutorial, but when I have run multiQC none of the plots show.
I have been waiting a long time, but they still just say “loading”.

What can I do?

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Hi @amav

To clarify:

  • You are working at Galaxy Main
  • And there was a display delay when clicking on the “eye” icon to view a MultiQC result?

If so, I am unable to reproduce the problem now. Maybe the server was slower when you were originally attempting to view the data. Please try again.

The “Versions” menu at the top of any tool form lists all available versions. For best results, always try to use the most current version of any tool unless there is a specific reason to use an older version.

For this tool, the most current version is:

  • MultiQC aggregate results from bioinformatics analyses into a single report (Galaxy Version 1.7.1).