new tools integration

Hi there, I was wondering how do you decide on new tools being integrated into galaxy tool box?

Hi @Eva_Niggl,
the first requirement is that the tool should be available in the Galaxy Tool Shed. It is basically a database of Galaxy tool wrappers. The recommended way for publishing a new tool in the Tool Shed is to include it in the IUC repository. You can find the guidelines for creating a tool wrapper in ToolShed readiness checklist. Once your wrapper has been included in the IUC repository, you should just ask us (e.g. in this forum, or in Gitter) to include it in one of the Galaxy instances.



If you want something installed on e.g. you should request it. You can use this forum to do so and it will be considered.

To expand on the answer from @gallardoalba which describes well the process of implementing a tool to a server like or you can also add a tool to your a Galaxy more simply – but you have to be an admin of a given Galaxy (e.g. it has to run on your machine). This is done by including your xml file with the tool somewhere on the machine and then including the tool in Galaxy’s tool configuration file.

In case your question was more generic: The Galaxy project does not control most of the tool contributions to the Tool Shed – this is a public repository for tools. Admins of each server decide what they want to install into the Galaxies they maintain.