Non-specific Error on Malformed gxformat2 Import

Hello! Recently, I was trying to create a gxformat2 Galaxy workflow by hand, and import the workflow file to via the import via “Archived Workflow URL” method . When the file was well-formed, everything went fine. However, if the file had a syntax error, the import would fail with the following error message:

Alas, this message doesn’t contain enough information to help me correct the problem(s).

Is there a way to get more details about the errors in a gxformat2 file at import time?

Thanks in advance for the help,

Hi @Steve_Von_Worley

Adding in more error capture information from a failed workflow import is a good idea. Please make an issue ticket at this repository Issues · galaxyproject/galaxy · GitHub and include examples if you can.

For now, these are the resources available:

At this point you’d be best off running gxwf-lint (part of gxformat2 pip install gxformat2) on your hand-written files (or planemo workflow_lint, which should run equivalent checks).

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