Problem with getting shared histories

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I have a problem of getting shared histories from the other Galaxy users. Her account showed the histories have been shared, but it shows 0 in the "History shared with you" item in my account.
I am a little confused about this, Looking forward to suggestions.

Thanks a lot.

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Hi Ting!

Just to make sure, check the following:

  • Did the other person share the history (with you only) using the exact same email account you have registered in Galaxy?
  • Are you both in the same Galaxy server?
  • Maybe the other person shared the history via link? In that case, you will need the link that the other person can provide.

Hope this helps!

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Hi David,

Many thanks for your suggestions.

The person who tried to share history, I think we are both in the same Galaxy server.
Because I can share my histories with her using the same account, but when she tried to share the histories with me, it showed my account is not a valid Galaxy user.


We’ve been discussing this over email for the last week or so.

Many people have one account at several public Galaxy servers. Accounts on different servers are different accounts, even though they may use the same email address for registration. You really need to confirm the server is the same for both of you for this function to work.

The advice that @davelopez offers are the same as what I have shared. If you want to share a History by email, you will need to:

  1. Confirm that both people have an active account on the same exact Galaxy server. How to know which server(s) are being used? Compare the URLs.
  2. Confirm that the correct email address is used – account email addresses are case sensitive. How to check your email address? Look under User > Preferences.

Plus we discussed how to generate/import a history archive (to transfer histories between Galaxy servers). Most of that information was already in this forum and I added more details based on our conversion earlier today:

Hi Jennifer,

Many thanks for your explanation again. Sorry I did not get it before but understand now.

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