Problems with roary

Hi, there:

I have trouble working with roary tool. I used the Prokka tool to annotate nineteen genomes and then applied the roary tool to analyze all gff files for pangenome analysis. But there is always error. I tried using only three test genomes but still did not work.

I Couldn’t figure out the solution. Any advice?

Thanks for the help. Cheers.

In my case the test data has worked perfectly.

But as I am trying to analyse other data. It gives error. Tried a lot but still not succeed. Kindly share some resolution for this

I am using Prokka and Roary in . There are several errors in the execution of the pipeline.

-Prokka does not output results in .gff3 format, depite the fact that there is an option in Prokka parameters for gff version 3 output.

-Roary will not work with the output of Prokka and will output an error.

-When renaming the .gff files to .gff3 extention, Roary runs successfully, however with default settings, it rarely finds core genes, and all of the genes identified shift to cloud or shell genes.

-I tried with the data from a published study ( and cannot reproduce the results, even though I run the same parameters that the authors describe.

Please adress this issue.