Python error line for RNAlaiofld and GraphClust workflow (Motif finder and GraphClust)

Dear, all
I have been using The GraphClust II workflow for several months and it was working great.
Suddenly I received the error with RNAalifold step such as:
Error in the Python code which Cheetah generated for this template:

invalid syntax (, line 189)


Could you please help me with this issu.

Thanks a lot


Hmm, which server were you trying this on? Seems to be working on, but maybe your version or input is different.

Hello Nick, Thank you for your reply
yes I/ get RNAalifod problem on
I think this problem is related to recent updates of Galaxy, I wrote to the workflow’s author he tried to fix the problem but I think the problem is still there. It takes lots of time to start the workflow which is unprecedented.

All the best