RESOLVED Galaxy Europe server very slow

Dear Support,

I (and others users in the lab using distinct user account) encountered a problem while uploading data (not more than 100Mb) to my Galaxy Europe history. Indeed, each attempt to upload data presents the same problem: it is very very very slow and the download often ends with an error message (upload request failed (0)). This problem is not related to the account quota.

Could you help me to solve this problem?

Many thanks


Hi @Fred,
thanks for the report, we are working to solve this problem. As a temporal solution, I recommend you to upload the files by using a FTP client such as FileZilla; here you can find the instructions about how to upload files by using the FTP protocol.


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Hi all,

Just ran a quick test with several small local fastq files and Upload went quickly and without failures at the EU server. Maybe the issue is resolved?