Salmon - Update request


First of all, I would like to thank everyone involved in running and supporting the Galaxy servers (I use I think the range and choices of tools are great, the platform runs very reliably and fast, and everything is well documented.

I have been trying to use Salmon for transcript quantification in RNA-seq. There has been a major update to the tool ( The current version is 1.2.1, while runs I am not sure how much work it is, but would it be possible to update to the current version?

Thank you so much!


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Hi, thanks for the praise!

As of Salmon, the tool itself is hosted here which is a github repository and the best way to reach its authors would probably be to either create an issue or contact the IUC on gitter. They know everything about tools there is to know.

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Hi Marten,
thanks for your reply. I apologize for asking the wrong question -
Would it be possible to update the tool on Galaxy?

Sorry for not being clear. The repository with the tool needs to be updated before any Galaxy can install it.

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