Server issue at September 2, 2022 -- Status = RESOLVED

I’m having an issue with the FASTQC tool. It appears to run to completion (turns green as if done), but when I expand the box to show view/download options, etc., it says there are 0 bytes of data, and there isn’t anything to view. However, this is only happening for some of the FASTA sequences I’ve tried. For some of them it provides data, but some it does not. Any ideas? Also, when viewing the Job Information for the ones that show 0 bytes of data, the Tool Standard Output and Tool Standard Error features say “Empty”… I can open the fasta sequences on my computer and see there are sequences, so I KNOW there is data there, the tool just isn’t actually running?


The server has some technical issues that started about 30 minutes ago.

We are activating tracking this. The scope is not clear yet. An important part of our infrastructure is unstable at the source.


Updates will post to this thread and the status link above

Queued jobs should not be impacted. Failed or odd results will likely need to be rerun but that isn’t possible yet.

Thanks for reporting the problem!

Thanks so much for your response! I’ll give it a rest for now and try again later! :slight_smile:

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