Server not responding upon multiple login

Hello Community.

I have installed the galaxy in ubuntu based server having following configuration

RAM 128Gb
48 core CPU.
10mbps internet connectivity.
Static ip for the remote access.

All is working well with above said setup.
Unfortunately, as multiple users are logged in and Processing. The server looks unresponsive.

In this case,

  1. What should be the cause of that?
  2. how can i resolve the problem.? Please suggest some resolution as well.
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Hello @vmevada102

Did you upgrade your database? For multiple users, this is essential:

May also be helpful: See the first training day for production scale-up topics, including the database upgrade.

Unless there is some huge misconfiguration of your base system one of the only reasons Galaxy could be causing this is that your users run demanding jobs and you execute them locally on the same node that Galaxy runs. Try using linux tools like ps or top/htop to identify what processes are eating your resources.

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