Suggestions: Galaxy Ensembl VEP tool

I’m just posting this in the hopes that others share the same view. Ensembl’s Variant Effect Predictor (VEP) is a great variant annotator and seems well suited to be included as a Galaxy tool. It would be great if IUC or the devteam could write such a tool!


Hi @jsalem

A version of this tool is already wrapped, but not by the IUC. It only works for hg19 and is not available at the usegalaxy.* public Galaxy servers, probably because the way the tool is wrapped is outdated and it is limited to a single target genome.

To request that the IUC consider updating the wrapper – or create a new wrapper, please make a request here and include the functionality you’d like to see included (target genomes, etc). Referencing this Q&A and/or the existing wrapper will add context.