Training: Peptide and Protein ID using SearchGUI and PeptideShaker

Hello dear galaxy users,
I am now following the training"Peptide and Protein ID using SearchGUI and PeptideShaker (By Florian Christoph Sigloch, Björn Grüning)" to learn how to analysis LC-MS data with galaxy tools. I can not find the following tools used in this tutorial: ms converter, file conventer, PeakPickerHiRes. I wonder whether these tools have been integrated in the platform galaxy proteo RE.

Dear hliu96501,
I had a quick look and it seems the galaxy instance and also does not support those tools, but they can be installed from the Toolshed if needed. You can try to operate on a different Galaxy instance such as if you want to continue your training right now.


dear Florian,
thanks so much for your quick reply and advice. It works with galaxy europe.