trimmomatic perform ILLUMINACLIP step, choosing the Adapter sequences

Hi when using the function trimmomatic flexible read trimming tool for Ilumina NGS data how do i know which adapter sequence to select for my data
i am using SRA5395998 for my data set

ive also attatched a screenshot for reference

Hi @Preet_Kaur
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Hi @Preet_Kaur
your sequencing provider should give you information about kit or protocol used for library preparation. Trimmomatic has built-it option for trimming various illumina adapters. If you have illumina data, just select an appropriate option. For other sequencing platform you need adapter sequences.
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Hi igor

this is what it says about my SRA
Name: LowO2_Treat_5

Instrument: Illumina HiSeq 1500

Strategy: RNA-Seq


Selection: unspecified

Layout: SINGLE

based on this would it be appropriate to select truseq 2 for ilumina GAII?

Hi @Preet_Kaur
GAII is a very old machine. Your data was generated on HiSeq.
Maybe check results of FastQC for untrimmed reads. It recognizes adapter sequences.
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