Trouble Unoise for FASTA

Hi, I am new to Galaxy. I´m trying to generate the ZOTU table file, by executing “ Unoise for FASTA to generate ZOTUs”.

When executing the process, an error message appears:

DIE: /newdatabase/galaxy_8080/galaxy/tools/IEG/external_tools/usearch_64 -derep_fulllength 1_renamed_1649227729.fasta -output 3_dereped_1649227729.fa -sizeout -uc 3_dereped_1649227729.uc

I have already carried out previous analyzes, with the same workflow without problems.

Can you help me solve the problem?

Sorry, I made a mistake. The error is:

DIE: /newdatabase/galaxy_8080/galaxy/tools/IEG/external_tools/usearch10 -unoise3 4_sorted_1649225137.fa -zotus 5_clustered_1649225137.fa -ampout /newdatabase1/galaxy/user_data/datasets/000/524/dataset_524502.dat -minsize 2

Hi @Ray,
could you share your history with me? My email is Screenshot from 2022-04-03 16-52-09.


Hi @gallardoalba ,

Thank you for your reply, I failed to share my history with you. Is the email address correct?


Hi @Ray,
yes, it is correct; which Galaxy instance are you using?