Unable to access my usegalaxy account

Hye, I have a account in usegalaxy.org and was working on important project on it. I took break from work for a month and today when I tried to log in, I am not able to access my account. While ai am resetting my password, it is showing “Failed to produce password reset token. User not found.”.My user email id is (admin-redacted). Is anyone else has faced such issue. Kindly help me to retrieve my account. It has very important data and months of work.


We are discussing this privately via the UseGalaxy.org mailing list. That is best place to address administrative account issues, although if you search this forum you will find other posts related to this topic. For privacy reasons, I have redacted your email address from the original question.

You still have one active account at UseGalaxy.org. This meets the terms of service: one account per person per public Galaxy server. Please have/use one account at each, and never two or more at any. This information is clearly stated in plain language on the account registration form and the account activation email exactly where the link is located. Both also include the full terms of service with an explanation about why these terms are in place. In short, the free public resources have practical limits. We must ensures fair resource access for you, and for everyone else working at the same service.

If you need more resources than the combined resources of all public servers can support or if you simply want more control over how resources are scaled/allocated, private Galaxy server options are available. Several options require very little to no administration. These and other deployment choices are widely utilized globally by both technical and non-technical scientists. Some for short term analysis projects, and some for longer term analysis needs. You can of course still have one account at each public server while using private options. Galaxy Platform Directory: Servers, Clouds, and Deployable Resources - Galaxy Community Hub

I’m going to close this topic out. Please direct future administrative account concerns to the private communications channels. Such contact information is usually on the home page of the server or in the public directly listing above. If you can’t find it, and there is not already a topic covering known contact methods for the server you are working at, please post a new question with the URL of the server and we can help.