Unable to select VCF with Gemini load? Tool form includes full input requirements

I have generated the file using snpsift annotate (snpEff tool). This file is not recognised by Gemini load. Possibly, there is an issued in type of input files.

What should be the input fie in the 2nd option?

1.Variant input file in VCF format

2.View dataEdit attributesDelete
VCF File with ID field annotated (e.g. dbSNP.vcf)

need guidance here. Please…
Thank you.

Hi @Shuchi

The tool is available at UseGalaxy.eu and UseGalaxy.org.au.

As noted on the tool form, any vcf dataset is accepted as an input but it must meet both of these criteria:

  1. Be based on the Human GRCh37 (hg19) genome build assembly
  2. Have hg19 assigned as the database metadata attribute.

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