uploading fa.gz file

why fa.gz file of 4.3Gb is failed to upload from my computer to galaxy history or any mapping tool?

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Hi @Vikas_Sharma

How to Upload data is covered in a few places.


  • You may need to use FTP for larger files or when working from a slower connection. If the connection times out, the transfer can be resumed.
  • Loading data as uncompressed can also help in some cases.
  • Allow Galaxy to “autodetect” the datatype. If the data is not assigned the expected datatype, there is either a problem with the input or was guessed incorrectly. You can change the datatype directly.

At this forum. Search with the keyword “upload”. I also added some tags to your post that link in prior Q&A that is related.

FAQs: https://galaxyproject.org/support/

Many GTN tutorials also cover Uploading data.

Please give those a review to see if it resolves your issues. If you need more help, please describe with more details and include the URL of the Galaxy sever you are working at.