What is the Silva's version that Galaxy uses as database?

Hi! I am new in Galaxy and I need to know if the Silva database from Kraken2 tool that appears as 020-11-24T164216Z_silva_kmer-len_35_minimizer-len_31_minimizer-spaces_6_load-factor_0.7 corresponds to the 16S_Silva132_20200326 or the 16S_Silva138_20200326 database. In case it is another, where can I download it?

I want to know this detail because I’m trying to run Braken on my computer so I must use the same database that I used to process my sample with the kraken2 in the Galaxy platform.

Thanks to all!!

Hi @martinafernandez,
since the database was created in 2020, and the Silva138 version was released in 2019, I suggest you use this version, which is probably the one used in Kraken2. The precompiled database can be downloaded by FTP protocol from the following link.