Why when i use a tool there is multiple actions in my history?

In my history you can see what i mean. So they are all the same right '/? i dont thing they have diffrence with each other

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What does the input collection look like?

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there are 44 paired end collection fastq data.

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@amir The job was submitted with that data in a single collection? If so, then yes this would be an odd result.

Few questions for clarification:

  1. Are you certain the job was only submitted once?
  2. Was this done using the tool directly in the User > Analyse Data view. Or, are you using a workflow?

Galaxy EU https://usegalaxy.eu administrator: ping @bjoern.gruening

1 : yes im sure
2 : No im not used any workflow

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@amir Has this happened again since first reported? It seems like a cluster glitch.

The EU server will rerun failed jobs a few times automatically. Maybe some part of that was a transient problem. If persistent still now, we can ping that server’s admins again to report the problem.