Conda installation requested and failed in local galaxy


When I try to run galaxy local, I get the message “conda installation requested and failed”.
Error: did not recognise option ‘Book/Galaxy/galaxy/database/dependencies/_conda’, please try -h

I have gone into the galaxy.yml file and amended it as so:

conda_prefix: <tool_dependency_dir>/_conda

tool_dependency_dir: dependencies

conda_auto_init: true

I cannot understand what the issue is. Despite this, it allows me to open galaxy on the web and download tools but the tools do not work.

any help would be much appreciated!!

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These are the default setting, you don’t need to change them.
If you do, you need to replace <tool_dependency_dir>/ with a path, like conda_prefix: /Book/Galaxy/galaxy/database/dependencies/_conda/ , but again that isn’t necessary.

Can you be more specific about what you do to see these error messages. Are they in the user interface, or in the logs ?

I would also suggest reading if you haven’t, that might clear things up for you.

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@mvdbeek I run galaxy in the terminal

Then it says installing Conda, then it says Conda installation requested and failed (in the terminal). This happened before I even configured the galaxy.yml file. After failing to install, it repeats the process of trying to install Conda and fails again

I have read that page you suggested and from that made the changes to the galaxy.yml file. I am new to this, so have very little experience and I am struggling to understand some of the material.

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Hi @Lauren

The advice from @mvdbeek is very good. Unless an advanced admin configuration is needed for some reason, using all defaults can be a simple method to get a single-user local Galaxy instance running.

These instructions in prior Q&A explain the first steps when setting up a local under OSX. You might choose to start over, following the help, to see if that works for you. Example step-by-step for a basic local Galaxy install with an admin account created

The most current version of Galaxy is always listed here:

For even more administrative help, including tutorials and training resources, please see: Local Galaxy: Basic Question -- Installing more tools