IReport issue with encode base64?

Hi, I am running local Galaxy on my dedicated server with version 20.09. I got this problem when I try to run IReport tool with my dataset.

" ‘base64’ is not a text encoding; use codecs.encode() to handle arbitrary codecs"

The weird thing is that I can run IReport in Galaxy from another my local server but with lower version (19.06). And here is the picture from “View Error Logs” sections.

Thanks for your attention to this question.
I will be glad to have your responses.

Thank you!

Pham Quang Huy.

Hi @Huy_Pham_Quang

That looks like potentially a python2/3 issue. I think the tool was designed for python 2, you might need to either run it explicitly in a py2 environment.

I’m sure we can get a new release made fixing that after the winter holidays.

Hope this helps

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Hi @hxr,

I see, so I think I can fix py2/3 by myself.

Thanks a lot.

Resolved, see: Error in ireport - base64 is not a text encoding -- Solution: See built in workflow invocation reports instead