2023 Galaxy Admin Training - The ins and outs of setting up your own production quality Galaxy server

Galaxy Admin Training will be offered April 17 through April 21 at Monasterium PoortAckere - 56 Oude Houtlei, Ghent 9000, Belgium (map).

Read more about the training at the Hub.

This workshop will cover basic and advanced topics you need to know to set up your own production, high-performance and multi-user Galaxy instance. Sessions will be intensive and hands-on, and taught by experienced instructors from the Galaxy Community. Participants will learn how to install, configure, customize, and extend their own Galaxy servers. Topics include tool configuration, authentication and user management, using heterogeneous storage and compute services, and many other topics that will enable you to get your own Galaxy server up and running, performing well, and used by your community.

Galaxy is an open web based platform for data integration and analysis. It is deployed at large and small organizations around the world and used in a broad range of research domains.


Please apply via our form. We only have limited space so please register as soon as possible. If you would like to attend but have funding problems we can support up to 3 people from Low and Middle Income Countries. Please indicate this in the form or contact us directly.

Please feel free to contact us at contact@usegalaxy.eu if you have any questions and check this site for any updates.