Add frogs tool?


I was wondering if there is a way to add the “frogs” tool into galaxy public server please ? Without creating an admin interface.

Hello @Melissa_Hayes

This tool suite is not available for commercial use, so hosting on the public Galaxy servers is not possible at this time. FROGS: Trainings

The tool authors do keep the wrappers updated and have simplified installation instructions. A Docker Galaxy is probably the quickest way to get a server up and running as much is pre-configured eg utility tools and data.

Is there a tutorial on installing tools into a docker galaxy? I have my docker galaxy set up. Just having issues installing tool sets from the galaxy toolshed

Thank you!

Hi @Melissa_Hayes

Please see

Then see

I’m guessing that the issues are around persistence of changes? That Usage section includes what is going on and how to move away from the simplified defaults. The relevant part starts here and includes more details.

Docker images are “read-only”, all your changes inside one session will be lost after restart. This mode is useful to present Galaxy to your colleagues or to run workshops with it. To install Tool Shed repositories or to save your data you need to export the calculated data to the host computer.
… More…

If your question is about something else – please post more details and we can try to help more. :slight_smile: We may we need expert help from the maintainers