BCC2020: Online, Global, Affordable; Registration & Abstract Submission are open


Hello all,

The 2020 Bioinformatics Community Conference (BCC2020) will be online, global and affordable.

BCC2020 is joint event bringing together the BOSC and Galaxy communities. This is the second time we have brought together GCC and BOSC. There will be no better event this year to share your work, and learn from others addressing the challenges of data-intensive life science research.

BCC2020 will be online. Being virtual presents many challenges, but also some awesome (say it again!) opportunities…

BCC2020 events will be held twice: once in their original Toronto time zone (BCC West), and again 12 hours later in the Eastern hemisphere (BCC East). This will make BCC accessible to most of the world’s time zones. The same presentations will be offered in both hemispheres. We are seeking ways to also have posters, demos, and birds-of-a-feather span both hemispheres.

Expenses for virtual events are a fraction of what they are for live events, and virtual events don’t require travel expenses either. This allows us to slash registration rates for BCC2020 and to offer even steeper discounts for researchers and students from low and lower-middle income countries (as defined by the world bank).

Pricing tiers and early registration rates are:

  • Student/academic/non-profit from low and lower-middle income countries
    • US$3 per training session, $12 for meeting, Free for Cofest
  • Student/academic/non-profit from other countries
    • US$9 per training session, $36 for meeting, Free for Cofest
  • Industry
    • US$15 per training session, $60 for meeting, Free for Cofest

Registration is open now. If you are interested in training in the Eastern hemisphere, then you may want to wait until the end of April, when the eastern training schedule will be complete.

Finally, abstract submission is open. BCC2020 is seeking oral presentations, lightning talks, posters, and demos. The deadline for submitting abstracts (for all types of presentation) is May 8.


An update:

We now have 25 training sessions in the West / Americas, and 24 in the East / Asia-Australia. We may get a few more trickling in, but that’s pretty close to final for the training schedule.

Early registration doesn’t close until July, but if you are interested in BCC2020 training than you might want to register sooner, as several sessions have limited capacity.

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A reminder that Abstract submission closes this Friday, May 8.

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