CANU and Flye assembler tool error for nanopore data assembly

Hi all,

I know that in the previous topics, some of user were facing issues with the CANU assembler to for nanopore data assembly. I am also facing error issues with the CANU and Flye assembler, but not the same issues with the previous topics. I used CANU and Flye quite often a few months ago for nanopore data assembly, and everything worked well. However, I used the CANU and flye tool again from yesterday to assemble newly acquired nanopore data, but it shows the same tool error message for both assembler (Failed to find or download one or more job outputs from remote server) . I`m quite confident with the quality of my nanopore data since assembly of the same data using Unicycler was successful. But, I want to compare it with CANU and Flye. In addition, I failed to assemble my old data, the same data that was successfully assembled using CANU and FLYE a few months ago. So, I am thinking that there must be some issue with the tool itself. Is there anyone here also experiencing the same problem? Any comment would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.