Data privacy and VCF modification before upload

Hi everyone,

I would like to do some modification to a vcf (changing one column name in the vcf header starting with #). Can I just do this modification with TextEdit and save the vcf in its .vcf format or will this be problematic for downstream analysis?
In order to have the most privacy for my data possible I would like to set the settings accordingly. I read the the information about data privacy in Galaxy ( and I am wondering if this “Make all data private” in user preferences is what I would select and if there are more possible safety settings to change?

Thanks a lot.

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It depends on what exactly you are changing in the “#” header line. The first eight (or nine) columns are required metadata. If you are just updating a sample name, that should be fine. VCF format:

Yes, that is how to make all data private, existing and newly uploaded.

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